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What is Archways TDH?

arrowsArchwaysTDH was started by experienced Archery GB senior coach Tom Clint to provide an archer-focused, peer-supportive and coaching-centred environment for archery training and development at every level of the sport, and to champion archery as a sport in the wider community. 

We do this by running low-cost, accessible training sessions for any and all archers who wish to improve, whatever your goals or shooting experience may be.  Every archer who shoots with us is treated as an individual, with our tailored, collaborative coaching plans designed to be flexible and achievable; we understand that many of us have a busy life of commitments and responsibilities, and that any change in archery takes time, patience and perseverance. 

The concept of a training and development 'hub' encompasses our comprehensive approach to archery training. As well as our high-quality coaching provision, we work in consultation with a number of different sports professionals. These include personal trainers, sports therapists, archery shops and students of food science and sports psychology. We encourage and support the use of structured goal-setting and review, and offer a wide range of training sessions and workshops in addition to regular shoots. 

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What ArchwaysTDH is not...

Our service is designed to be supplementary to your current club, shooting and coaching routine; we are not looking to replace these! For this reason, we don't operate as a club or offer memberships in the traditional sense.

Additionally, we are not primarily a place to simply turn up and shoot, as our priority is the coaching environment. There are, of course, caveats to this; with the ongoing 2020 pandemic, we do aim to accomodate archers whose clubs are still struggling to operate, or who don't have access to their usual range. We also recognise that some development is obtained through practice. To this end, we run 'shooting' sessions where there is less of a coaching focus; however, the environment is still one of peer-supportive training and working on one's coaching plans. 

Where we shoot

Our primary range is based at Padworth Village Hall, just off the A4 between Reading and Newbury, near Junction 12 of the M4. There is convenient access by road, train and bus, and parking at the hall is free. We shoot on the football pitch at the hall in Summer; this Winter, we will continue to shoot on the football pitch at the weeknd, with Thursday evening workshops held in the Village Hall on the same site. 

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For insurance and coaching purposes, archers who shoot with us must have a current Archery GB membership. 

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